Hello, my name is Jennifer Prather
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About Me

All my life, I believed there had to be more efficient ways to do things, such as doing the dishes. (My parents didn’t believe in using a dishwasher). I thought if you could create an efficient process that allowed for consistency then you could spend your time effectively. I always believed that you should work smarter not harder. I also strive to help others take inefficient procedures and streamline them. I enjoy solving problems.

I enjoy streamlining and implementing better business processes. Having a broken process hinders the company’s ability to respond to customers’ needs in an effective manner.

You can find me hanging out at Salesforce Saturday, Starbucks, or Panera Bread. Three things that are woman’s best friend: coffee, chocolate, and peanut butter.

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Contact me for any questions related to Salesforce. If you need a help learning Salesforce or need a consultant to collaborate with an implementation, don’t hesitate to reach out.