I grew up outside of Weatherford, TX on 10 acres of land, and my parents raise cows and chickens. I knew from a young age that I wanted to go to college because I liked learning and I liked school. My dream was to go to Egypt and discover new tombs to add to the story of Egyptian burial rituals. It started out wanting to travel the world and learn the history of the places that I was going to visit. After watching Indiana Jones, I told my parents that I finally found the word that best described what I wanted to do. I was going to be an archaeologist.




I was fortunate to have been accepted into the Classical Archaeology program at the University of Texas at Austin.

I realized having come from a small-town background that I also wanted to expand my understanding of different industries such as technology. Growing up, we did not have much access to technology and what little we did interact with, the boys got to mess around with it more than us girls got to. To me, technology was a foreign magical thing. I was always worried that just touching it would cause it to break.

My love, who is a web developer, started showing me how technology worked, and I was like “Oh, now this makes sense”. I tried learning how to code websites, but I could not grasp it. I then found Salesforce. At first, I was unsure about it. I was understanding it and the concepts of relationships made sense. After three years of working utilizing Salesforce, I have two certifications, and I am now learning to write Apex code.

When I got started, my love joked that I was going to be a Salesforce Archaeologist because you have to go digging for the answers. Well, I think it is more like going through your house trying to figure out which breaker works what appliance because somebody updated something and forgot to document it.

I love learning new technology and enjoy learning to code. I still enjoy researching new things, such as scrum and agile practices as well as new scientific discoveries. I also enjoy meeting new people, learning new dances, and trying new recipes.

My next step is to earn the Platform Developer 1 then on to Sales, Service, and Community Cloud. Stay tune for posts about my progress.