Highlights of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes

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It is that time of year again; time for another Salesforce release. Currently, Salesforce releases 3 updates a year, and we are on Summer ’19. I found that the new features are beneficial to those that are working on transitioning to Lightning. Salesforce has made these features to transition easier since they are turning on Lightning for all orgs by Winter ’20. Here is a list of features that I think will make user adoption easier and help the admin spend less time transitioning the more complex pieces to Lightning.

Keep Record Context When Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. This will make it easier for users to switch back and forth between the two UI’s when they still need to access something in Classic that is not in Lightning yet.

View Records using full view. To make the transition to Lightning easier, you can choose to display the records in full view like they are in Classic. Instead of having tabs for related lists and record details, it is displayed with the details and the related lists below. For users that are resistant to change, they will appreciate the similarities with Classic.

Prepare Visualforce Pages for Lightning Experience. For orgs that have a lot of Visualforce Pages, Salesforce is adding this feature to the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter. This will help you find and update the pages that don’t work and will scan your org to find out which are used the most and which are not by your users.

Super Users:

For your super users, these features will extend their ability with Lightning:

Related Lists can now be filtered and can be enhanced. Now everyone can filter the related lists to find a specific record such as a closed opportunity. Instead of having to click view all and be taken to a new page, filtering the related lists allows you to stay on the record page.

Find What You Need Fast with Search Results That Reflect How You Navigate. Whichever app that the user is in determines how the search feature works. When searching, the items in the navigation bar of the specific app determines which results will be displayed. For users, that means no more have results for things that are not relevant to what you are searching for.


And last but not least for admins, there is a new feature to extend back end reporting:

Analyze Your Automated Business Processes in Automation Home. This gives admins a better over view of the flows in your org and gives you an overview of the total started and total errors as well as how long it takes users to complete the flows. This was much needed since there was limited reporting on how flows were functioning with in the org.

There are many more features such as celebration for closing a deal for sales, smarter bot routing for service, and row level formulas for reporting. To find out what else is being release, click here. The release is now here.

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